Security tapes – Tamper evident – Certified by Applus

Protect valuable content of cash transport bags, duty-free shopping bags (STEB’S, according to regulations ICAO) or any other bag that needs to be secured.

The tape is characterized by a high level of security leaving immediate tamper evidence after the intent of manipulation with solvents, water steam, heat or cold (Applus+ certified). The attempt to open the bag reveals the appearance of hidden messages.

• For corona treated plastic bags of polypropylene (OPP) or polyethylene (PE) with a minimum of 38 dynes.
• Available in multiple colors and sizes.
• We offer customization of colors and hidden messages.
Bobbins up to 4.000 meters.
• For bag manufacturers that work with direct application of hot melt we offer film transfer (without adhesive formulated KBEDICH®).

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