Protect your product and image against the attempt of falsification, manipulation and theft of merchandise during transport. When the tape is detached from the box, the hidden text FRAUD VOID OPENED appears which immediately indicates any type of tampering. The high properties of its adhesive guarantee correct operation in any type of cardboard box, even at low temperatures.
  • For any type of cardboard
  • Immediate adherence
  • Customization of colors, sizes, message or brand.
  • The visible message can be printed with inimitable security inks *.
  • Certified by Applus +
  • Meets health and safety regulations
(*) Security inks qualities:
  • Standard security inks in different colors
  • Iridescent security inks
  • Fluorescent Security Inks
  • Bi-fluorescent security inks
  • SICPA OASIS® high security inks
  • SICPASTAR® high security inks
  • KBEDICH® High Security Inks


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